Wild and Angry Boy

Wild and Angry Boy


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Composed by Moshe Yess

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Wild and Angry Boy

by Moshe Yess


He was a wild and angry boy

and he only lived for joy

and he let his father know

with a slamming door


He said: “The old man, he’s a fool.

for livin’ by some ancient rule

that was given on a mountain

...long ago.”


He went on his way all alone

and he never looked back to home.

He was a loner roaming ‘round

without a friend.

He walked the mountains and the beach

and the dirty city streets...

but his father’s face ...came to him

now and then.


And when he had his fill of fun

And his playing days were done

It came to him just where

His road would go


And he saw his father’s face

And he felt his own disgrace

And it came to him the truth

...he’d always known


On a stormy winter night

He took a pen and began to write

Pouring out his teardrops

All night long


I apologize to you

Everything you said is true

And I love you dad, forgive me,

I was wrong


A letter came to his door

From his father, he was sure.

He opened it to see

what it would say

You made us all so proud of you

With this new road that you choose

I’m sorry, but your dad

Has passed away


It turned him to a man

And it made him understand

The setting sun and the melting

Winter snow


And one thing stays the same

And time will never change

It’s what was given on a mountain

...Long ago.

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