Tali Yess

Singer Songwriter / Jewish Entertainer / Producer

Tali Yess is a new sensation, bursting onto the national stage of Jewish music to the great acclaim of music critics and audiences alike. His repertoire consists mostly of profound Jewish morals sung in English which is what makes his performances unique. In a rich soulful voice he captures the hearts of the audience taking them on a journey to a special place or time in the Jewish experience. His extraordinary talent should not surprise us since he is the son of Moshe Yess ob”m, a true musical legend, who created the now popular genre of meaningful Jewish music sung in English. Tali’s concert is deeply inspiring and moves you to the core of your being.

While studying music in University, he developed a strong attraction to the heartfelt soul wrenching Niggunim, specifically those without words. Tali's original musical and repertoire is vast and spans across many genres and generations of both Jewish and American music.

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